John Kaiser and his family

John Kaiser managed Carl Henry's orchard for 35 years. He retired in 1952 and moved away from the orchard. The property was sold in pieces. My cousin Doris Herron Kaiser, wife of John Kaiser's youngest son Francis, some of the apple trees are still there.  

Four of the Kaiser brothers. Left to right we have: Louis: born 1872, died 1956(?); Fred: born 1870, died 10/3/1962; Bill: born 1884, died 11/5/1972; John (manager of Henry's Orchards for 35 years): born 1888, died 4/20/1980. Joe (born 1870, died 12/11/1963) is missing from this photo. See the photo to the right. Note the snappy loafer on Fred's right foot. Francis says he had a wooden leg that he seldom shod. What the Hell, it didn't get wet, it didn't get cold.

L to R Margaret and William (Willie) St. Charles (brother and sister-in-law to Edna Kaiser), Edna and John Kaiser, Florence and Bill Kaiser, Joe Kaiser.

John Kaiser's son Francis tells a great story about his uncle Joe. Francis was about six or seven, just the age to go to the movies once in while to see the westerns. Francis asked his what his first job was. Joe Kaiser, who would have been in his mid-70s by this time, said he rode shotgun on the Alpena - Hillman stage. His uncle Joe had Francis' complete attention for at least a couple of days after that. Even if he was older than dirt.

There was another brother, Roebert, who does not appear in these photos. Robert was born 9/19/1870 and died 10/3/1962. The Kaiser stock seems to be pretty long-lived.

John: born August 24, 1888, died April 20, 1980; Edna: born November 22, 1893, died March 26, 1973; Ray: born February 27, 1923, died March 21, 2008; Theresa: born November 20, 1928, died December 29, 2007; Clare: born February 5, 1931; Francis: born March 5, 1937. Photo summer of 1937. I think you can see part of the Henry Orchard in the background. Francis, the baby in this photo, doesn't think there any other shots of the orchard.


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