The Alpena News, March 10, 1947


Frank N. Herron


Frank N. Herron, 77 of Herron, died Sunday afternoon at General Hospital where he was entered March 3, and his condition became serious March 6. He was born June 26, 1869, in Wilson where he spent his entire life. He was married 52 years ago to Anna Compeau, who died in 1944. After their marriage they settled on his present farm.


He was a member of the St. Rose church at Herron and was a county committeeman in the AAA farm program. Surviving are one daughter Mrs. Kenneth Morrison, Herron, two brothers, Charles and Fred Herron, Alpena: and three sisters, Mrs. George Shenk, Alpena; Mrs Catherine Willett, Flint; and Mrs. Estella Cochran, Alpena. The body of Mr. Herron is at his home.


Funeral services will be Wednesday at 10 at St. Rose church, Herron, with the Rev. Lucien N. Bourget officiating. Interment in Holy Cross Cemetery.


[Note: earlier on the page Frank N. Herron’s birthdate is listed as June 27, 1868, which would have made him 78 at his death. This date is also listed in Lorraine Cochrane Mains’ account of the family]


[Note: I have changed the text “entered March 3 after his condition became serious March 6.” to the above because the original really didn’t make a whole lot of sense.]




Marriage notes for Frank Herron and Anna Compeau

State of Michigan Record of Marriages

Francis N. Herron, 27 of Wilson-twp, MI, born in Mich. Father George Herron, mother Catherine Link

Anna Compeau, 20, of Wilson-twp, MI, born in Canada, father John Compeau, mother unknown

Married, Jan. 18. 1896 in Alpena by C.H. deGuoy, pastor St. Anne’s Cath. Church

Witnesses Charles Despres and Adele Despres of Alpena, MI

First marriage for each.


Frank and Anna's grave in Holy Cross Cemetery, Alpena, MI.




[Quoted from The Herron Family of Alpena County, Ruth Ann Cochrane and Clyde A. Morrison, June 26, 1998, in the Alpena Public Library, R Gen. 929.1 Herr]




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