Alpena Argus, June 14, 1900


A Sad Death


A Young Wife and Mother Passed Away This Morning


Mrs. Nellie Aris, the wife of Henry Aris, died at the residence, 609 Sable Street, at 8 o’clock this morning. Mrs. Aris had been in poor health for some time, and her illness developed into pneumonia which was the cause of her death.


The deceased had been married about five years, and leaves three children. Mrs. Aris was the daughter of the late John Heron [noted as Charles Herron, but in truth the daughter of George C. Herron and Catherine Link Herron, see below. I’m not sure who entered the note], who was a prominent farmer out in Wilson township. The mother still resides on the farm, and the body was taken out there this afternoon, where the funeral will be held.


An unusual circumstance in connection with the sad death is that Mr. Aris is critically sick with pneumonia. It is on account of his low condition that such haste is made to remove the body of Mrs. Aris.




Alpena Argus, June 20, 1900


Death of Mrs. Henry Aris


The family of Henry E. Aris, 315 Tuttle street, is truly afflicted in double measure. Mr. And Mrs. Aris have for some time been very low from pneumonia, and on Thursday lasst Mrs. Aris received the summons to go hence from this world of sin and sorrow, and departed to “that land from whose borne no traveler returneth.” The case is a particularly sad one, as Mr. Aris was in a prostile condition at the time, and the shock was a severe one, from which it was feared he would not recover, but good care and faithful nursing are doing noble work, and we are pleased to say he is steadily gaining strngth.


The case is still more sak from the fact that the death of Mrs. Aris leaves twin daughters three years old, and a babe only about ten months old, for the grief stricken father to care for.


Mrs. Aris was the daughter of a farmer in the township of Wilson, the late George C. Herron, the mother being now Mrs. Michael Clark, and under the circumstances it was deemed advisable to remove the remains to the old homestead, where the funeral was held Sunday.


The funeral of the late Mrs. Nellie Herron Aris, of Alpena, which occurred at her childhood home in Wilson Sunday, June 17th, was largely attended, being one of the largest funerals ever known in this community, Rev. Whiney, of Alpena, presiding.


The unusually sad circumstances of her death at the youthful age of 28 years, excited deepest sympathy from friends of her child hood and womanhood. Her husband, three children, mother, five brothers and four sisters, and hosts of loving friends are left to mourn her loss. The floral offerings were very beautiful, many coming from a distance.




Stae of Michigan Record of Deaths

June 14, 1900, Ellen M. Aris, in Alpena, MI, parents, Jno Herron and Catherine Link [note: incorrect parental information with the stae of Michigan]




Marriage Notes for Nellie Herron and Henry Aris

State of Michigan Record of Marriages

Henry E. Aris, 23, of Alpena, MI, born in Canada, father Reuben I. Aris, mother Emma Park

Nellie M. Herron, 19, of Wilson-two, MI, born in MI, father George Herron, mother unknown.

Married, Nov. 16, 1895 in Alpena by A.A. Morrie Hastings, rector of Trinity Church

Witnesses, George Masters, Mrs. Isabel, Mr. Aris of Alpena

First marriage for each.




Children of Nellie Herron and Henry Aris:


Kathryn Aris (1896): Married William LaVern Town on Oct. 22, 1921, Alpena, MI

Marriage Notes for Kathryn Herron and Wm. Town

State of Michigan Record of Marriages

W. La Vern Town, 30, of Flint, MI, born in MI, father, Wm. J. Town, mother, Mary C. DeWitt

Kathryn Aris, 25, of Flint, MI, born in MI, father Henry Aris, mother Nellie Herron

Married, Oct. 22, 19221, in Alpena, by D.M. Compton, 1st Baptist Church

Witnesses, Richard Aris and Irene Aris of Alpena.

, MI.

First marriage for both


Kathleen Aris (1896)

Reuben Aris


This marks the end of the Aris family branch recorded as of 2002.




[Quoted from The Herron Family of Alpena County, Ruth Ann Cochrane and Clyde A. Morrison, June 26, 1998, in the Alpena Public Library, R Gen. 929.1 Herr]





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