The Herron Family in Alpena County

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Veteran's Day, 2005 (George C. & Catherine Link Herron photos),

11/21/2005 (Annie Herron King, Anna Brugger Herron and Spratt Church), 

11/29/2005 (Munns family for my grandmother Elsie Huston James)

1/2/2006 (Huston Family in Ida Grove, Iowa, family of Joseph Huston of Greeley and DaFoe)

This website started as limited narrative about the Herron Family of Alpena County, Michigan using materials I had seen in the 1990s.  Since then I have found an extensive collection which caused me to reconsider the organization of the genealogical portion of my website.  As a result I added this access page.   This page is the starting point for all of the genealogical pages.  You can access the personal website portion using this Nelson Herron link or you can go to the home page for the entire site via this link. 

For the Herron portion of the genealogically oriented site, follow "The Herron Family" below.  Many of the materials that are available on those links are derived from The Herron Family of Alpena County by Ruth Ann Cochrane and Clyde A. Morrison (Available at the Alpena County Library: R GEN 929.1 HERR) or from A CENTURY AND A HALF OF FAMILY HISTORY as told by Estella J. Cochrane to Lorraine Cochrane Mains.  I copied the latter from a manuscript by Mrs. Mains that is in the possession of my aunt, Kay LaCombe.  When completed I hope to publish it with a few additional photos and donate it to the Alpena County Library.  I have also included a number of entries for related families and topics.  These include stories from the Alpena News that caught my fancy, notes on other families who grew up in the area, a paper about Alpena placenames my mother Catherine Herron (Huston) wrote for an English class at CMU, a history of Spratt my aunt Ardellia Herron (Manning)  wrote for a a CMU history class, and stuff that just caught my magpie’s eye.  They can be accessed via the links in the table below.  I hope to upgrade each page with a link that will bring you back to this page.


The Herron Family 

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