Ruby Huston, School Marm

Ruby Huston was my great grandfather Joseph Edgar Huston's sister and my grandfather Thomas Merrick Huston's aunt. My mother always refers to her as aunt Ruby although she was more properly mom's grand aunt. Aunt Ruby was the only member of the Huston family of her grandfather's generation mom ever met other than her grandfather.


The photo above appears to be earlier than the one on the right, at least I would guess Aunt Ruby is younger in this photo.  It is undated but it bears a mark from Miller Photography in Alpena, Mich.  The photo on the right has "To Jose  From Ruby, Merry Xmas Happy 1900"  written on the back.

I excerpted the following passage from some notes from Pat Hewitt, Ella Hewitt's granddaughter, to Paul Houston, David E. Huston's great grandson:

"On the sheet, I have that Aunt Ruby died at Lyle, MN. Actually, she lived there, but was taken to the hospital at Osage, near by, where she actually died, She was something of a character, but I suppose at her age she was entitled. When her sister Ellen was dying, she made her son, Dwarn, promise to take care of Ruby who did not make this awfully easy for Him. We were all a little wary when we went up there and had lunch, as Ruby's refrigerator was the cellar, and sometimes things looked a little green around the edges. We usually just brought lunch for all with us. I believe Dwarn appreciated that! When Ruby died, Dwarn went up to her room, opened the window, and threw all of her "stuff" out of the window. Then had a bonfire. I was absolutely sick when I heard this, as I was even then beginning to be interested in genealogy, and Ruby had things she had kept all of her life - nearly 100 yrs. She also used to keep things between the pages of her many books; who knew what? She claimed to have many boyfriends, but never married. She was always a teacher, and went to the Dakotas for her first teaching job in a covered wagon. And this was back in "Indian days".

Miss Ruby Huston Rites Wednesday

Miss Ruby Catherine Huston, former resident of Ida Grove died at a nursing home at Osage, Iowa on Monday, November 11. She had attained the age of 99 years, 8 months and 11 days.

Her body was returned here for burial in the family plot Wednesday, November 13. The committal was by Rev. Arthur C. Marston of Storm Lake.
This loveable lady was the daughter of Robert and Letticia Huston. She was born February 22, 1858 in Thorso, Province Ontario, Canada and was the last survivor of a family of nine children.

At an early age she and her family moved to Alpena, Mich., where she began a long and fruitful teaching career. Her first mob started at sixteen years of age. The family then moved to Ida county, where she started what is probably the longest teaching record in the county. A continuous record for 43 years. Starting in the local school to teach in the second grade she taught in nearly every grade to the eighth grade. Those who were fortunate enough to attend any of the grades she taught found her to be a strict disciplinarian, demanding strict attention to her charges. Today they mourn her passing knowing that her efforts were to make them richer in knowledge.

Since retiring from her life work, she spent the remaining years of her life with her nephew, D.J. Hewitt near Lyle, Minn., until recently. For many years she enjoyed visiting with her many former pupils who came to see her from many different places in the United States. Each year on her birthday she received many letters and cards from her former friends and students.

So passes the life of a great and wonderful lady.


Paul Houston found this on Ancestery.Com.  I do not know the date, exactly, but I suspect that it must be approximately November 15, 1957.



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