Spratt, Michigan

Gateway to the Big Woods Out Back (and Places Nearby)

As I come across stories that relate to Spratt I will post them here.  One story I have now is about the closing of the old one-room Spratt school.  It came from the Alpena News in the winter of 1961.  This was my second school after three years at the Alfalfa school over behind Enos Torsch’s sugar bush about a mile north of Spratt corner on M-65.  - NRH, Summer of '02

Time has moved on and I located a paper prepared by my aunt, Ardellia Herron, for a a history class at Central Michigan University.  It is formally referenced in the Clarke Historical Library at CMU as follows: 

Herron, Ardellia M., History of Spratt, 1967, Central Michigan University Student Term Papers, Clarke Historical Library, Central Michigan University.

She was a bit ahead of her time and the paper organization really lends itself fairly well to web-browsing techniques.  Therefore, I have prepared a table that provides access to the main paper, and to about a dozen sub-resources that were included in the paper.  She also included a copy of the Spratt School story from the Alpena News which is linked in the first paragraph:

A History of Spratt
M.B. Spratt Albert Bates Andrew Menary
Plat of Spratt ca. 1920 Section Map of Spratt ca. 1949 A Million Quarts of Raspberries - 1947
Raising Strawberries Since 1917 First Pickle Harvest - 1966 Clay Spratt Home
Rayburn House The Hunt - 1967 Spratt school

This history of Spratt was inserted March, 2003