The Maltz Exchange Bank

As far as I know the Herron family has no documented connection to the Maltz Bank. No deposit book showing a $15,000 deposit drawing interest as in a "Highander" episode. No mysterious mortgage papers showing every property the family has ever owned now belongs to to Rod Serling in the Twilight Zone or some Russian mobster. I thought for completeness I would should include the bank as well as the other three outdoor exhibits at the Besser Museum. As I get more or better photos I will post them. Or If I find that bank book I'll be sure to let you know.

A May, 2010 photo of the Maltz Exchange Bank with the background foliage fully developed due to an exceptionally early spring. Photo courtesy Besser Museum staff.

A picture of the Maltz Bank tellers' cage and a beautiful old stove. It reminds of a house outside of Mt. Pleasant where I lived when I was at CMU. We had a stove like this one. It would be barely comfortable sitting in a chair, but when I stood up it would be 90 from the top of my head to the middle my neck. I imagine in winter either the teller or the manager in the far corner (photo below) was pretty uncomfortable. Then again, in dog days of summer they were probably both pretty sweaty. No A/C, not even a fan. I wonder if they had Old Spice. Photo courtesy Besser Museum staff.

A picture of a display case in the Maltz exhibit. Photo courtesy Besser Museum staff.

What appears to be the Maltz Bank manager's desk and the safe in the background. I wonder if that's where the missing note 15 Gs is hidden. Photo courtesy Besser Museum staff.

A 2005 photo of the Maltz Exchange Bank with an outbuilding of the adjacent McKay House exhibit in the background.





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