Hiram King was born in Ontario, Canada in May of 1823.  He was raised in Ontario and married Prudence Dennis on April 16, 1853 in Dunn Township, Haldimand County, Ontario, Canada.

Hiram and Prudence had three children while living in Canada.  The children were William, born March 15, 1856, Hiram, born in 1858, and Peter, born February 15, 1860.

In the fall of 1861, Hiram and Prudence emigrated with their family of three from Sarnia, Ontario, Canada to Port Huron, Michigan, U.S.A. by ferry boat.  In 1865, the Hiram King family settled in what was to become Wilson Township, Alpena County, Michigan.  Wilson Township was organized in 1873.

The arrival of the King family is described in D. D. Oliver’s book, “Centennial History of Alpena County, Michigan”.  Oliver’s account follows (p. 118):

In the fall of 1865, the writer located the southeast quarter of section twenty-five, in town thirty-one north, of range six east, and the southwest quarter of section thirty, in town thirty-one north, of range seven east, being the first burnt lands purchased,  for farming purposes.  He sold these lands to Dr. J. B. Truax, H. Sawyer, and H. King.”

According to D. D. Oliver, Mr. Truax and Mr. Sawyer surrendered their contracts during the following year.  Mr. King paid for his land and became the first permanent farmer in Alpena County, Michigan.  Hiram King’s property was in Section 30, Town 31 North, Range 7 East.  This property fronts on Witt Road today.  King Settlement was named for him and his family.

In 1865, after settling in what we know as King Settlement today, Hiram and Prudence became the parents of their fourth child, Jane.  Jane was known as Jennie later in life.

Prudence died on December 24, 1876 of a spinal disease.  She was 46 years old.  She was buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Alpena.  Hiram later married a woman by the name of Mary.  He and Mary were enumerated in the 1880 census for Wilson Township. 

During Hiram’s later years, he peddled vegetables he had grown on his farm.  Among the places to which he peddled the produce were the boarding houses in the City of Alpena.

On September 20, 1904, Hiram passed away at his home in Wilson Township.  His death certificate indicates that he died of old age.  He was buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Alpena.

Hiram and Prudence’s children married and made their homes in Alpena County.  William married Julia Anne Herron, better known as Annie.  Hiram married Agnes Gergens.  Peter married Matilda Gergens.  Jane married John F. Snider.  Hiram and Prudence have many descendants living in Alpena County today.

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