William and Annie King


Left: Annie Herron and William King about 1891.  I believe Eva (b. 1885) is standing between her parents and William is holding Lorna (b. 1889).  The kids appear to be about the same age as they do in the first lumber camp photo below.  Based on the apparent presence of Estelle (front row, left) and her own recollection of helping sister Anna during the winter she turned 11, I would place it as early 1891.


A photo of a Anna Herron King, her husband William King, their children Eva (between her parents) and Lorna (on her dad's lap).  I think it is Estelle Herron on the far left in the front row.  James Willett on the far right in the front row married Catherine Herron.  Louis Martell was a neighbor and the 1903 plat book shows he owned a farm next to the Herrons farm at that later time.  The tall fellow in the back appears to have offended someone because his face is obscured in this photo and the one just below.  Maybe some young lady had a crush on him.

A second panoramic shot of the camp house.  Nothing indicates where it was located but one can see the outline of a largish hill in the background (At least it is large for northern Michigan).  Note that the face of the chap holding the two horses has been obliterated.

Loaded up and ready to head for the river.  From the looks of those sticks they probably would have liked to have had a chainsaw or two.

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