THE ALPENA NEWS, May 16, 1925


Mrs. Fred Herron


A life of distinguished service came to a close with the death of Mrs. Myra Spaulding Herron, for 28 years a prominent figure in the life of Wilson township.


One hears frequently of self-made men. Mrs. Herron was a self-made woman. Left on her own resources at the tender age of eleven she managed to educate herself in a broad way that was a most important factor in the life of service she lived. While still a young girl she became a school teacher, finding in that field of work opportunity for pursuing the cultural interests for which the foundation had already been laid.


Growing to womanhood, Mrs. Herron became a spiritual and intellectual force in the community where she had taught school and lived for years after as a mother and home maker. The influences of a life such as hers can hardly be estimated and they will continue to operate long after her death.








Mrs. Fred Herron, 35 Years In Country Work Heart Disease Victim


The death of Myra Spaulding Herron, wife of Fred Herron of Herron, on Thursday morning, May 14, cast a pall of gloom over an entire community as well as on the immediate family, for Mrs. Herron was the community’s own, a life of loving, thoughtful service having endeared her to every man, woman, and child with whom she had come in contact. Hence, the common grief of neighbors and family.


Mrs. Herron was born in Springfield, Mass. 51 years ago, and came to Alpena with her widowed mother at the age of 11 years. She faced the world alone, and proceeded to make her life what her ambition would have it: that of an educated, cultural woman, which she achieved in an outstanding sort of a way. By dint of working between school terms, she obtained an education, not only high intellectually, but one that was rounded out exceptionally in the moral and spiritual sides.


At fifteen, the young girl was teaching in the rural schools, and continued in her chosen profession with a love for it that made it most efficient and inspirational to all who were fortunate enough to have Mrs. Herron for a teacher. With the exception of the few years she was governess in the family of Capt. John D. Persons at Thunder Bay Island, Mrs Herron’s work was with the rural schools of Wilson. For the past five years she had taught the Bye school – in fact, it was only in January that she was compelled to give up her work at this school, and on Sunday, six of her “boys” from that school will act as pallbearers.


An affliction of the heart from which Mrs. Herron had suffered for a number of ears and which became so advanced as to become incurable, was the cause of death. However, it was only last week that Mrs. Herron had been entirely incapacitated.


Her marriage to Fred Herron occurred in1897 at the home of Mrs. Ellen Davis with whom Mrs. Herron had made her home after her mother’s death. Immediately after their marriage they went to Herron where they have since continuously resided, their farm being one of the most comfortable in the county.


Besides Mr. Herron, two sons, Harlo E. and Harvey of Herron survive. Capt. Will Spaulding of Conawanda, N.Y., a brother, also survives.


In religion, Mrs. Herron had been a member of the Methodist church and had been active in all lines of church work as well as in social affairs of the community in which she had been a leader for so many years.


The funeral services will be held Sunday afternoon at the home at Herron at 2 o’clock. Rev. Charles E. Trueblood of the First Congregational church of Alpena officiating.




Marriage Notes for Fred Herron and Myra Spaulding

State of Michigan Record of Marriages

Fred Herron, 23, of Wilson-tp, MI, born in MI, father George Herron, mother Catherine Link

Myra Spaulding, 24, of Alpena, MI, born in MI, father ___ Spaulding, mother unknown

Married, Oct. 17, 1897 in Alpena by O.W. Wellit, minister of the Gospel

Witnesses, Charles Herron and Julia Little of Alpena.

First marriage for each


[Note: this is at variance with the other text that says she was born in Springfield, MA.]





[Quoted from The Herron Family of Alpena County, Ruth Ann Cochrane and Clyde A. Morrison, June 26, 1998, in the Alpena Public Library, R Gen. 929.1 Herr]




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