The Children of Joseph Huston: Catherine Huston

Catherine Huston was one of my great grandfather Joseph Edgar Huston's aunts, and her children were his first cousins.

Catherine Huston

Catherine was born in 1853 or thereabouts. She was born somewhere in Canada, most likely LaChute or Thurso, Quebec. She married William Reid on 12 September, 1873 in the Perth District on Ontario, probably in the town of Stratford. William was the son of Peter and Marion Reid. In 1881 they lived in Saskatchewan, and they had two children. William is litted as a shoemaker in the census report. Twenty years later in 1901 they had moved back to the Lanark District of Ontario. At this time they appear to have five different children between ages five and seventeen. In this census she reports her birth date as 17 June, 1855.

James Reid

James was born about 1876. He is reported to be five in 1881 census.

Ellen Reid

Ellen was born around 1878 as she is three in the 1881 census.

Poster Orse Reid

Poster was born around 1884 because he is listed as seventeen in 1901 Canadian census. By this time James and Ellen no longer live with their parents.

Susan Jane Reid

Susan was born in in approimately 1890. She was eleven in 1901.

Harrey (Harriet ?) Lillian Reid

Harrey (Harriet ?) was born about 189 because she was nine when 1901 Canadian census was collected.

Lilia Maud Reid

Lilia was born around 1894 as she was reported to be seven in 1901.

Katie L. Reid

Katie was five in 1901 so she was born around 1896.


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