The Family Descended from Robert Huston, Son of Joseph Huston, Immigrant from Ireland

(A Work in Progress, 2/19/2006; not to be confused with James Joyce's "A Work in Progress")

Generation) Name




1) Joseph Huston 

About 1810, Ireland

12/5/1881, Lachute, Argenteuil, Que.

12/10/1881, Lachute, Argenteuil, Que.

Joseph Huston is believed to have had a brother Henry, but nothing more is known of him.  This information came from James Huston, a former math professor at some school in Boston.  I believe he is the grandson of one of Robert Huston's brothers, Thomas Wesley Huston, see "separate page" link below.  These notes also indicate that Joseph and his wife came from Ireland in 1829.  

1) Honor McCullough


1/12/1875, Lachute, Argenteuil, Que.

1/15/1875, Lachute, Argenteuil, Que.

My cousin Ann Huston, daughter of my mother's brother Robert Joseph Huston, provided me with some notes that Joseph's wife was named Hannah.  I believe these also came from the James above.  All other sources seem to indicate Honor was her name.

Pat Hewitt, Ella Huston/Hewitt's granddaughter, wrote to Paul Houston, David Edgar Huston/Houston's great grandson, that Ruby Huston noted that "Honor MCullogh's parents were possibly James McCullock and Margaret Sloan. I know that she was in contact years ago with folks in the Lachute area, but she left no proof of where she got this information, so I don't know if it is true."

   2) Robert Huston

8/19/1830, Pleasant Valley, Quebec, Canada

8/27/1913, Ida Grove, Iowa, (Death Cert.)

8/1913, Ida Grove, Iowa

According to Pat Hewitt's notes Robert had five brothers and three sisters.  I decided to put them on a separate Robert Huston's siblings page.

It is thought by many of my mother's family that Robert actually was born during the voyage from Ireland to Canada.

Pat Hewitt's notes to Paul Houston included this juicy tidbit:

"One last bit of 100 yr old gossip. After the death of Letticia, Robert took a trip to Chicago, to visit. He came home with a new wife, named Rose. Apparently, it was not a happy thing - at one point she chased around the yard with an ax. He filed for divorce, and the judge granted it, although in those days it always was listed as granted to the lady. He had to give her a settlement for her to get home and re-established."

1) Thomas Edgar

1796, Ireland

1882, believed near LaChute


According to Pat Hewitt's letter to Paul Houston, Thomas Edgar's mother was named Davis, but this information is pretty foggy.

1) Nancy Anne McElhenny

1806, Ireland

1890, believed near LaChute


According to Pat Hewitt's letter to Paul Houston, Nancy McElhenny's mother was named Farrell.  The previous disclaimer applies here, as well.

   2) Letticia Ann Edgar

10/23/1831, Donegal, Ireland

9/8/1903, Ida Grove, Iowa

8/1903, Ida Grove, Iowa

Notes on Robert Huston and Letticia Edgar: 

They were married in Goderich, Ontario Canada on April, 2, 1857; 

Robert drove a lumber wagon in Canada; home in Thurso, Quebec, Canada burned in 1870 killing son Thomas James Huston

The family moved to Alpena, MI in 1870 after the fire; they lived there for about eight years it appears

Moved to Hayes Township, Ida County, Iowa in 1878 and to Ida Grove, Iowa in 1892

Robert Huston/Letticia Edgar Huston Obituary and Tombstone, Robert Huston will; Photo of Robert and Letticia Huston.

3) Ruby Catherine Huston

2/22/1858, Thurso, Quebec

11/11/1957, Osage, Iowa

Ida Grove, Iowa

Notes on Ruby Huston:

Ruby Huston never married.

Notes from Ardellia Herron's paper on Spratt indicate that she was a teacher in the Spratt School in the late 1800's, but the chronology is uncertain.  (Use the "Back" button on your browser to return to this page as the Spratt page is in another section of the site)

My mother remembers that in the 1920's aunt Ruby was a school teacher in the Greeley area where mom's parents, Thomas Merrick and Elsie Munns Huston lived. She says my sister Angie has a stoneware crock that aunt Ruby salvaged from the basement of the old Thompson house on Carney road; she rented the house while she was teaching school at that time.  Given the fact that Robert Huston and his family did not leave Alpena until Ruby was nearly 21 and that she was a lifelong teacher, it is probable that she taught for a couple of years in Alpena before moving to Iowa.  My mother, Catherine Huston, taught in Alpena County  immediately after turning eighteen, for instance.  This was nearly 60 years later in the late 1930s.

Photos of Ruby Huston

 3) (Robert) Henry Huston

12/30/1861, Thurso, Quebec

10/1/1935, Hughes County, SD


 Notes on Robert Henry Huston:

He seems to have been called Harry most of the time

Married Mina Cody, March 4, 1889, in Hayes Township, Iowa.

They lived in Wessington Springs, South Dakota

Approximately 1920 my grandfather's address book shows the Wessington Springs, South Dakota address for the Harry Huston

  Photo of Harry Huston family

3) Joseph Edgar Huston

5/1862; Thurso, Quebec

1/1926, Alpena, Michigan

1/1926, Alpena, Michigan; Holy Cross Cemetery

Notes on Joseph Edgar Huston:

Married Annie McDade, 11/14/1887 in Alpena, Michigan

Joseph Huston moved to Alpena in 1870 at age 9 after the house fire mentioned above.  If he actually ever moved to Ida Grove with his parents in 1879 is not clear.  If he did it was for a short period of time as he reappears in the 1880 census in Alpena.  According to family stories, he and his wife Annie did move to Ida Grove for about two years around 1888.  However his brother-in-law, Thomas McDade made him a  good offer on a piece of lumbered over property from the Richardson Lumber Company, of which he was a principal.  They returned around 1890 to that property, which is where my grandmother was still living as late as the 1980s.  She was using Josepha and Annie's old wood cookstove until the mid 1970s or thereabouts.

Web pages for Joseph E. Huston and Annie McDade Huston

4) Ella Jane Huston

12/15/1862, LaChute, Quebec

6/29/1941, Mitchell, Iowa


Notes on Ella Jane Hewitt

Married William John Hewitt, March 4, 1889, in Ida, Iowa

They moved to northern Iowa, just across the state line from Lyle, Minnesota, which was their mailing address.

Approximately 1920 my grandfather's address book shows the Lyle, Minn address for the Hewitts

Ruby Huston lived with them for a number of years and their son Dwarm was tasked by Mrs. Hewitt to take care of his aunt Ruby.

Photos of Ella and Will Hewitt and children

5. David Edgar Huston

7/11/1864, Lachute, Argenteuil, Quebec

11/8/1935, Evanston, Wy

11/1935, Boulder, CO

Notes on David E. Huston

Married Ada Virginia Hilliker, 4/7/1891, Lincoln, Nebraska

Between 18191 and 1900 he changed the spelling of his last name to Houston

1900 U.S. Census shows his address as 1894 Race St., Denver, Colorado

About 1920 my grandfather's address book shows his address as 2221 Walnut St., Boulder, Colorado

1930 U.S. Census shows same address

Further notes on the descendents of David E. Huston

6. Thomas James Huston

1866, Thurso, Quebec

9/1870 Thurso, Quebec


Died in a house fire in 1870 in Quebec, parents moved to Alpena, Michigan that autumn.

7. John Huston

5/1870, Thurso, Quebec



Notes for John Huston

My grandfather's address book shows Jack H. Huston.  The only person fitting this name is John Huston

About 1920 my grandfather's address book shows his address as Gilmore, Idaho

John does not appear to have been a family favorite as he got half as much as the other brothers in Robert's will.

According to David E. Huston's obituary in 1935, John was living in Wallace, Idaho at that time

8. Charles Huston

4/12/1873, Alpena, Michigan

8/11/1895. Missoula, Montana


Photo of Charles Huston

9. Willard James Huston

6/7/1879, Hayes township, Ida county, Iowa



Notes for Willard James Huston

Notes from Paul Houston show him living in Omaha, Nebraska in 1903.

The 1910 Census shows he and his family were living in San Francisco, California.

This census shows him married to a Mary R. Huston, aged 30 (b. about 1880)

This census shows a daughter Mary R. Huston, aged 5 (b. about 1905) and a son Joseph W. Huston, aged 2 (b. about 1908).

His draft card from 9/12/1918 shows him living at 4324 17th St., San Francisco, California

The 1920 U.S. Census shows them living at 1359 15th Ave., San Francisco, California

Photo of Willard James Huston

10. Samuel Huston

1879, Ida, Iowa



No other information is available about Samuel Huston



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