The Children of Joseph Huston: Joseph S. Huston

Joseph S. Huston was one of my great grandfather Joseph Edgar Huston's uncles. His children my great grandad's first cousins.

Joseph S. Huston

Joseph S. was born on 7 May, 1843 in Quebec, probably in the LaChute/Thurso area. The towns are about 45 - 50 milles apart on the Ottowa River. They are also about an equal distance from Ottowa, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec, respectively. Each of these towns are mentioned several times in various Huston records from the mid-nineteenth century. He died between the U. S. census and that in 1920. He died in Cook Co. (Chicago), IL.

Joseph married twice. The first time was to Jane Thompson sometime around 1862. She was an Irish immigrant born arround 1843 and she died on 22 July, 1889. The extensive <a href="phustongen032010s.pdf"Huston archive</a> provided by Paul Houston of Oakland, CA has a somewhat confusing entry on page 13 that says she died in Perth, Ontario where the children were born. Perth is a town about 40 miles west of Ottowa. My grandmother had a <a href="joejanhuston.htm">memorial card</a> from her funeral that says she died in Stratford, Ontario. Stratford is midway between Toronto and Sarnia, Ontario/Port Huron, MI. It turns that Stratford is located in the Perth district (I think that's what the Canadians call their administive equivalents of our couties), never mind that it is on the other side of a large province from the town of the same name.

Joseph S. then married Mary Jane Stevenson sometime around 1892 when she was around 30. He certainly went for a younger woman as she was only a year older than his eldest son. I wonder if he liked older whiskey as well. She was relatively old for a first marriage, a spinster. However, there is no word it in the records I have currently. The marriage to Jane Thompson resulted in four more little Hustons on our fair planet, all boys. The union with Mary Stevenson resulted in three more: two girls and one of the others.

Jane Thompson

R. J. Huston

R. J. Huston was born in 1863 in Ontario, probably in Stratford.

E. B. Huston

E. B. was born in 1867 in Ontario, probably in Stratford.

H. S. Huston

  1. H. S. was born in 1869 in Ontario, probably Stratford. His sisters both note that they were born in Perth District, which is where Stratford is located.

Edwin Cowper Huston

Edwin was born on 4 August, 1871 in "Perth Co." Again, read this as Stratford. I guess one of the boys also claimed Perth.

.Mary Jane Stevenson

Beatrice Maude Huston

Beatrice was born on 7 September, 1893 in Perth District, Ontario, presumably in Stratford. No other data are presently available.

Clifford James Huston

Clifford was born on 3 January, 1896 in the Perth District, Ontario, likely in Stratford. No other data are available currently.

Gladys was born on 22 September, 1897 in Perth District, Ontario, presumably in Stratford. No further data are available at this time.


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