The Thorne Family in Alpena County


The Thorne family has a long association with the Greeley/Lachine area.  It seems that the eldest Thorne in contemporary memory (meaning myself), Eular Thorne's children's children, within Eular's lifetime (which was not short - 106 years) separated to the extent that they did not know one another.  Almost all that I know comes from a high school friend, Janet Thorne, whose father was Bud Thorne, who was in one branch.  I have set up a link to materials that she sent me a year ago (in 2002).  I keep bugging her to update it and clarify a few things, but she is pretty busy writing some fairly extended pieces of her own, and has not yet gotten to it.  I will keep bugging her.  Also my aunt Kate (Coombs) Huston's sister Marie was married to Eular Thorne the younger, son of Robert Thorne and a grandson of Eular Thorne the elder.  They formed a different branch of the Thorne family with little knowledge of the Bud Thorne branch, supposing him to be from a different set of Thornes altogether, even though he lived his life in Alpena.  I will try to get something organized from her recollections this spring (2003).

According to my aunt Kate, Robert's children, in chronological order, were:  Mary, Clifford, Eular (the younger, named after his grandfather), Nina. Eva, and Milo (the younger, named after his uncle).  Apparently none of the members of this family had the "Thorne hair" consisting of very tight curls, almost afro-like.

My aunt Kate Coombs' brother Earl was married to Helen Herron, daughter of Charles Herron and Ida Warren.  He took his own life in the early 1950's.


Janet Thorne's Compilation Eular Thorne/Alpena Newspapers
Robert J. Thorne (Obit) Mrs. Robert Thorne (Obit) Obituary (1957) Eular at 99 (1949)
Milo Thorne (Obit) Eular in the Argus 1919 Three Old Timers (1931)
Eular and Deer Hunting (1934) Eular the Old Timer (1931)
Eular on Indian Jim (1930) Lew Pake (1934)
(Eular's Hunting Competition)


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