Photos of George Colburn Herron from Carole Finley and her sisters' collection.  They are daughters of Lorraine Mains and are George Colburne's great granddaughters, the same generation as my father.  They also provided the accompanying copy of George C. Herron's death certificate.  As far as I know this is the only reference to his parents by name.  It is also at variance with all other folk knowledge about his place of birth as it says that George was born in Canada.  Myra Herron collected these scans in the autumn of 2004.

This is from an old tin-type.  It appears to be a pre-Civil War era buddy photo.  Maybe with Noble Breckinreed on the trip down to Tennessee to look into the Civil War.  I would guess around 1859 - 60. It is the only photo I know of that possibly may include George's life-long friend.


This photo appears to be a bit later, I guess it may be from the early Alpena years when he was playing poker too much for Catherine's liking.

I would guess this to be the latest photo in this set, perhaps from the early- to mid- 1870s.

Anyone have a fourth photo to balance this page?



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