by Myra Herron

George Herron was born around Albany, New York. At a young age, he lost his mother, and his father apprenticed him out. It was horrible, and George ran to Cayuga, Ontario, Canada.

Noble Brackinreed was born in Ontario, Canada September 26, 1838, to William and Rachel Little Brackinreed. They lived near the Jacob Mino family, where George was living.

By 1851, Noble was an iron foundry apprentice. He and George had become fast friends. About 1860, they decided to go to Tennessee in the U.S. to see if they could make their fortunes. By 1861, George was back in Canada, but Noble had stayed in Ohio and had enlisted in the Union Army. He enlisted on May 30, 1862 at age 23, in Co. A, 84th Infantry Regiment Ohio. He had ‘distinguished service’, and was mustered out October 14, 1862. He returned to Canada, and married Mary Jane Grogan in 1868.

By that time, George and Catherine Link had already married, moved, and had 4 children in Alpena County, and were farming. Noble’s first child, Neal, was born in what would become Wilson Township in about 1868. The two travelers were again neighbors and friends and would remain so.

In the 1870 census, Noble and his wife were living in the same area and Noble was a school teacher. By the 1880 census, Noble had Neal, who died; Almer, who also died; Ada, Elsie, Armand, William, and Adrian. George had George S., Anna, Mary Catherine, Francis Noble (named for Noble B.), Charles, Robert Fred, Nellie, Estella and Ida.

About 1870, George was an overseer of the highways. In 1871, Noble was elected township supervisor for Alpena County. In 1871, Noble was on the Board of Supervisors. During his tenure, the board erected two new townships, Long Rapids and Wilson. In 1873, Noble and George were made inspectors of election. In 1874, The Alpena Agriculotural Society was formed, and Noble was one of the original directors. In 1876, Noble was supervisor for Wilson Township. George was a Justice of the Peace there. At the same time, Noble was also the local school inspector.

By 1880, Noble and Mary had 5 children living: Ada, Elsie, Armand, Aldridge and Adrian. They had another child in 1882, who died. George and Catherine had 8 living children, later losing twin sons. In 1887, sadly, George died. In 1892, Noble’s wife died.

By 1894, Noble married Mary Ann McGee Goldie in Alpena. In 1899, he filed for his Civil War pension. In 1900, he was granted his citizenship. In the 1901 City Directory, Noble was a laborer; in 1903, he was listed as a Justice of the Peace. He was noted in the local newspapers in 1904 for his Justice events. By 1907, he had moved to Birmingham Village in Oakland county, in Michigan, to live near his daughter, Ada. He died March 6, 1913, and was returned to Evergreen Cemetery to be with his wife.


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