A few Notes and Photos Associated with Charles Herron


Charles Herron was born on November 19, 1869. He married Ida Warren, a daughter of Rev. Mrs. Warren (Eunice Jackson) on August 19, 1901. Ida was a school marm in the community. Charles and Ida had six children:

Gerald L. Herron b. 24 Mar 1902

Doris Ellen Herron b. 6 Aug 1904

Marjorie L. Herron b. about 1910

Ralph F. Herron b. 5 March 1912

Eunice R. Herron b. about Feb 1917

Helen F. Herron b. about 1923

Charles Herron diedSeptember 4, 1960 in his home at 313 S. Fifth St., Alpena, MI. Ida Warren was born on February 6, 1881 in New Haven, MI. Unfortunately, I don't have much information about her life.



A photo portrait young Charles Herron from about 1895, judging from his appearance and the fact that it is not on card stock. He had the fine head of hair the Herrons were noted for.




A photo of Charles and Ida's two oldest children, Doris and Gerald. The picture was taken about 1906.




A photo of Gerald Herron at a somewhat later date (early 1980s). He is accompanied by his wife, Mary Eldarratta Daly.




A wedding photo of Ralph Herron and Doris Finch. They tied the knot in 1936 so I that's when the photograph was taken.



The grave of Charles E. Herron and Ida Warren Herron in the Evergreen Cemetery, Alpena, MI.



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