Robert Huston and his Siblings, Children of Joseph Huston

Most of this information came from Pat Hewitt who obtained it from aunt Ruby Huston As indicated in Robert Huston Descendants page this a work in progress. So we progress. In early March, 2010 Paul Houston in Oakland, CA sent me a file of detailed information about the Joseph Huston family from Ireland at the dawn of the 19th century to the present. It compiles about 225 years of Hustons/Houstons. It focusses on our branch of the family descended from Robert Huston, son of Joseph Huston, but it provides a trove of details that explains how the family artifacts from seemingly endless waves of Hustons immigrating from Ireland over centuries can be organised as the descendants of one man: Joseph Huston. Paul also sent a more compact record that is more readable but has much less supporting information, some of which add substantially to the content. Note these are big and will require a fair amount of time to download, even at dsl speeds.

Grandparents: Robert and Susanah Huston

Pat is not sure how aunt Ruby Huston came by this information or whether it is true.  This is about as far back as we can trace the family.  Perhaps one day in Ireland I'll venture to Ulster in the North and see if I can find anything.

Parents: Joseph Huston and Honor McCullough

Joseph was born about 1810 in Ireland.  He married Honor McCullough who died on 1/18/1875.  He married a second time to Rebecca Campbell on 10/9/1875.  Joseph died 12/5/1881.  (All links are to the same page)

Ann Huston

Born about 1828.  Currently, 2/3/2006, no other information is known about her

Robert Huston: the hero of the saga

m. Letitia Edgar, 4/2/1858

Born 8/14/1830 according to his obituary.  Letticia Edgar Huston died 9/8/1903, in Ida Grove, Iowa, and Robert Huston died 8/27/1913, in Ida Grove, Iowa also. For detail see the Robert Huston page

James Huston

m. 1) Hattie Andrews, 7/17/1872, Goderich and 2) Betha Andrews, Goderich

Born 3/15/1845, Chatham, Quebec.  Died 5/19/1922 in Manitou, Manitoba.  Please follow the James Huston link on the left for more detailed information.

Thomas Huston:

m. Maria Thompson, Fermanagh County, Ireland, 1886


Information from Pat Hewitt has Thomas born October, 1832 in Chatham, Quebec and that he died in 1912.  Thomas and Maria Huston had at least two sons, William J. and Wesley, who are mentioned in Robert Huston's will on line 8.  Pat Hewitt also mentions them in her letter to Paul Houston: "Joseph's son Thomas, who married Maria Thompson of Fermanagh Co., Ireland had Thomas Wesley, b. 19 May, 1889 and William John, b. 16 Sep., 1893, who married Edith Howard. This was per a letter from said William John, some years ago, who became a minister. This was, he said, because of some money from his uncle Robert that allowed him to go to seminary."  

His grandson (I believe) is James Huston who was in contact with my uncle Robert Joseph Huston about ten or fifteen years ago.  It was a brief contact, and we no longer know of his whereabouts. He was a mathematics professor at some college in Boston.  The notes my cousin Ann Huston obtained from him indicate his father may have been the Wesley mentioned above.

Catherine Huston

Born 1836.  Possibly married to a Reid.

Susanah Huston

Born 5/4/1854 in Canada, married Nathan Levey about 1885 and died in Tulare, Californian on 2/15/1943.  Nathan Levey was born  12/13/1843 in Truxton, NY and died 11/28/1925 in Fresno, California.  His parents were Jacob Levey and Sarah Briggs.  Susanah and Nathan had at least two children: Robert Earl Levey, born 7/12/1888 in Odebolt, Sac, Iowa and died 1/8/1976 in Exeter, California, and Carrie L. Levey who was born 12/1893.  Note that Odebolt is very close to Ida Grove, so at one point they lived near her brother Robert.

William Huston

Born 2/28/1838 in Chatham, Quebec.  Pat Hewitt is suspicious of this birth date

Henry Huston

m. Wilhelmina Steindorf in Thurso, Papineau County, Quebec on 11/22/1872.

Born 2/28/1839.  Pat also says she is suspicious about this birth date. Died 7/2/1919, possibly in Allenton, MI (There are two Allentons in Michigan.  One is in Cass County in the southwest part of the state and one in St. Clair county, north of Detroit.  I have heard some stories that relatives moved to St. Clair, so I am inclined to choose this one if any is appropriate.).  He is supposedly buried in Arkona, Ontario.  His wife Wilhelmina died 7/14/1917.  

Joseph S. Huston

He is believed to have lived and died in Chicago, and was subsequently buried in Stratford, Ontario.  Pat Hewitt indicates that he married twice. These details are confirmed in the information Paul Houston sent me in March (see the header on this page). Fa summary of this information follow td



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