Photos of Stella Herron and her family with Henry "Hay" Cochrane


Estella Herron married Henry Cochrane February 9, 1898. Stella was born on 03/11/1879, and she died on 02/12/1960. Henry was born on 12/11/1866, and he died on 01/05/1941. They were both buried in the King Settlement Cemetery in Wilson Township, Alpena County, MI.

The Cochrane family followed the 20th Century trend toward smaller numbers. They had six children one of which was pre-mature and still born according to "The Herron Family of Alpena County." However, their daughter Lorene says her mother lost three sons before she was born. The surviving children were:

Lorene, born 11/03/1901; died 07/09/1974

Lee, born 11/24/1903; died 05/02/1931

Oran, born 10/30/1906

Robert, born 10/21/1908; died 05/18/1977

Donald, born 12/12/1919.





The Henry Cochrane family about 1922

Front: Estelle Herron Cochrane, b. 3/11/1879; Donald A. Cochrane, b. 12/12/1919; Henry "Hay" Cochrane, b. 12/11/1866

Back: Lee Cochrane, b 11/24/1903; Oran A. Cochrane, b. 10/30/1906; Robert R. Cochrane, b. 10/21/1908; Lorraine Cochrane, b. 11/3/1901.



A wedding photo of Estella Herron and Henry Cochrane taken on February 9, 1898.


A photo of Estella and Lee taken about 1904.


A portrait Estella and Hay Cochrane from about the same time as the family portrait. It looks as though it may have been assembled from the photo at the top of the page.


A photos of Henry and Stella standing outside their house. After comparing this photo with the one below, I believe this one must be from about the same time period. Henry Cochrane died in 1941 so there is a pretty firm upper limit on the date.


A photo from Easter, 1938. Stella is accompanied by Don and a number of Lorene's children.


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